Sunday, January 31, 2010

Urgent call to those who value superior products

Dear all,

OXO, for some reason, has decided to discontinue one of their best products, one that I consider to be the most valuable cocktail-related tool in my kitchen: the 2oz measure cup.

This little cup is perfect for measuring cocktail ingredients, since most recipes refer to amounts in ounces. These are superior to most jiggers; because jiggers are usually conical or irregular in shape, it is difficult to get precise measurements on certain intermediate amounts. Not only does the OXO cup provide various measurements, but it is constructed in such a way that it need not be held at eye level to achieve this accuracy. Simply put, this product is of extremely high value. I, in fact, own several of them.

Call or write OXO if you care about this product, as it seems they are keeping count of complaints. You can call them at 800 545 4411 or write them at or here.

Let us increase the demand so as to revive the supply!

DJ HawaiianShirt


  1. I've seen so many people using this one. I *love* my Oxo jigger... it's graduated for most "essential" fractional ounce measures... but especially for those who are more used to cups and tablespoons, this is such a great tool. The design is perfect for helping to prevent spillage of precious distilled ambrosia.

    If I can find one in the store still, I definitely need to pick one up, especially for use on my video blog.

  2. I bought one recently. Did they bring it back in to production or did I stumble upon NOS?