Saturday, April 2, 2011

Announcing MxMo LVI: Your Best

Your house DJ, with legs trembling, has decided to throw his backwards hat into the ring. Spirited Remix will be hosting Mixology Monday... a Remixology Monday, if you will. The date shall be April 11, 2011.

The theme is quite simple: your best. Give me the best drink recipe you've ever created.

No, I'm not really talking about that awesome drink that you made under pressure and on the fly for your friends one evening. I'm not talking about that kickass nightcap that you whipped up using the last bits from those few bottles that you needed to throw away.

I'm talking about that one drink that you've worked on for quite a while. The one that you've carefully tweaked over time until you found that perfect recipe. The one you've made tons of times: sometimes alone in contemplation, sometimes for a guest so that you could get their opinion.

If you don't have a drink that fits the above mold, then perhaps this is your excuse to revisit your old "original remixes", as I call them, and decide or even tweak one to be your best. If you've never made such a drink before, then begin experimenting right now! I want to see what makes your taste buds tick. Use your favorite spirits or flavors. Show me what your "drink of the house" would be.

Maybe you have a blog and you've already posted it before; I don't care. Give it to me again. Let us have this MxMo be a review of greatness, a bass-thumping medley of original remixes. This is a time for pomp over humility. Toot your own horn. Begin by telling me about your drink and then finish by letting the drink do the talking(see point 2b below).

The process is simple:

1) Find or create your best drink recipe.

2) Submit the recipe to me via a comment to this post, or to my email: dj.hawaiianshirt at If you have a blog, post about your recipe and give me the URL by the same methods. This needs to be done by 11:59 PM of April 11, 2011.

2a) Try not to make it a simple variation of another cocktail, if you can help it. I've explored the subject a bit here. Despite the fact that I may call it a remix, I want it to be original.

2b) The earlier you post, the better. So long as I can secure the ingredients (without extreme price or inconvenience), I will make your damn drink and share my thoughts on it. If I'm already wasted by the evening of April 11 from trying other drinks, I may not be able to get to yours.

3) Wait for greatness. I should have the MxMo LVI roundup posted by fairly early the next morning.

Don't disappoint.


  1. "...fairly early the next morning"?

    Ah, I remember when I was a young cock-eyed optimist....

  2. I already have the day off from work. :)

    Bring it on!

  3. First the trepidation:
    Second the recipe:
    Third, I expect everyone else's drinks to be better than mine.


  4. Great blog! Here's my submission:

  5. Greetings, I wrapped up another last night for you:

  6. Evan, please contact me at

  7. OK—here goes:

  8. Hi Chris!

    My cocktail is here

    Hope you like coffee )


  9. Here's my post on my Lumber Jill cocktail:

    Hope I'm early enough for you to give her a try, she's a beaut.

    You should be in line for a fun weekend.


  10. Hey Chris ... here's my entry.

  11. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for hosting.

    Here's my drink: The Flightless Cocktail.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think.


  12. I'm cheating on one favorite cocktail with another amazing cocktail. Don't tell!

    -Amelia Sauter aka Felicia

  13. I brought out one of my older cocktails that I created before I started writing for the blog, the Frigate Bird:

    Cheers, Frederic

  14. Great blog. Here is my Mixology Monday entry (my first): The Calm Seas. I hope you enjoy it.

  15. Here`s my submission, and thanks for hosting!

    Hope you like pineapple!

  16. OK Dude!

    Here's my submission:

  17. Thanks for hosting. Here's my submission. Since Kindred Cocktails is an on-line shared cocktail database (and not a blog), I've commented on my own recipe as the blog-like post.



    Here's mine:

    I don't *think* Marshall is doing one?

  19. Under the wire, he's my contribution:

    Thanks for hosting!

  20. Early? Yeah, that didn't happen -- but hey, it's not midnight yet, so that's early by me!

    Thanks for hosting, and here's my drink:


  21. OK, it would help if I used the correct link -- sorry 'bout that. Here's the right one:


  22. Not good at deadlines.... a little past midnight (in my timezone).

    Here is my MxMo LVI - Your Best post:{DC85D841-FB02-4B85-8F13-1DDD28ACD837}

    I give you, the "A Drinker's Peace" cocktail.